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Quick Hair Waterproof Mascara 01 Natural Black


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Product Description: As a liquid-type hair mascara, apply it easily and quickly to your hair before going out to provide a natural gray hair cover without worrying about staining after drying

Volume: 8g

Product Features:
-It is a waterproof hair mascara that is resistant to water and moisture. It does not spread when in contact with water and provides a gray hair cover effect that lasts for a long time
-Although it is a waterproof product, it provides an easy washable effect that can be easily cleaned with only shampoo.
-A roll-bit type brush that provides fine coverage and natural hairline volume
-Contains keratin, rosemary extract, camellia oil, apple mint, and eucalyptus leaf extract to make hair healthy
-A clean and fresh scent that combines the freshness of citrus, pine leaves, and minty with a clean green note
-Recommended for those who want excellent lasting power and natural gray hair cover
-Recommended for those who want a quick and convenient one-day gray hair cover to replace frequent dyeing
-Recommended for those who want natural hair styling by fixing fine hair and adding volume to the hairline

How to use:
-Before use, close the cap, shake the product up and down once or twice, and apply evenly to dry hair as if combing
-After drying completely, you can organize your hair without rinsing it
* Since the contents may spill, stand the container with the lid open

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Quick Hair Waterproof Mascara 01 Natural Black

Quick Hair Waterproof Mascara 01 Natural Black